Play Chess

Please read through the Yes2Chess Web Client User Guide for help with setting up chess games online: Yes2Chess Client Guide.

Once you sign up you will receive a free membership of our secure chess playing room on for each of your pupils and one free membership for a teacher / chess tutor. Each child will have their own individual login name containing an abbreviation of their school and a number, we do not capture personal data or names. For example the first player from Ravenscroft School in London would be RAVLDN001. Each child also has a password which the teacher gives them.

The pupils will have the status of pawn on the server and will be unable to send text messages to each other on the server but they will have access to two online ‘chesss rooms’. One room is for games played against opponents in their country which includes the tournament games. The second room is the open or international room where they can play game against children from other countries. The teacher will have status of bishop and be able to send messages and restart games if necessary.

You will not have access to the rest of the server as the appropriate safety features are not in place there. You will play tournament games in your country room. Please encourage your pupils to go to the Open Room and play against children from other countries, too!

Your free memberships will last until July 2016.

Once your registration has been received you will receive a web link from the tournament director. Please use this link to download the software to the computer you would like your pupils to play on. If you have any technical problems, please contact