A note from Malcolm Pein

Thank you for visiting Yes2Chess, brought to you by Chess in Schools and Communities and Barclaycard.

Yes2Chess is a new schools’ Internet Chess Community for primary / elementary schoolchildren, which offers your pupils the opportunity to play chess online with children from other countries and also to compete in a tournament.

This innovative event will see the participation of primary / elementary schools from eight countries: UK, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and the USA. Between now and June 2016, schools will compete for the title of Yes2Chess National Champions, with loads of prizes on offer for schools who reach the knockout stages. Details of the Grand Finals will follow soon.

Best of all, every child you register for Yes2Chess will receive free membership to our private and moderated area on Playchess.com where they can play and learn at any time. This membership will remain active until June 2016, even if they do not compete in the tournament.

Say Yes 2 Chess in School!

There are many educational and social benefits of learning chess in primary / elementary school. Chess develops children’s critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, whilst helping to improve their memory and concentration. The game also facilitates children’s emotional development by promoting imagination and creativity, teaching that success rewards hard work, building self-esteem and encouraging good sportsmanship. The European Parliament recognised this by endorsing the Chess in Schools programme in 2012, noting that chess ‘contributes to (EU) policy objectives such as social integration and combating discrimination’. The most important thing for us however is that children enjoy themselves.

– International Master Malcolm Pein

Chief Executive, Chess in Schools and Communities

Malcolm Pein is an International Master of chess, having won the title in 1986. As well as being a master chess player, Malcolm is also the Chief Executive of Chess in Schools and Communities, a UK charity that focuses on bringing chess to young players, an author of numerous chess books, and writes a daily chess column in The Daily Telegraph – UK newspaper.